What is a VDR - virtual data room?

A virtual data room is an online, document repository where confidential information can be shared securely.
We provide a document repository where various parties have secure access to sensitive documents - anytime, anywhere. We offer 256-bit SSL/TLS 1.2 encryption for your files during transfer and industry standard 256-bit AES Encryption for your files stored on our servers. Plus support where required to help you get your data room up and running.

Comparison of generic file storage solutions vs virtual data room:
Generic Storage programs such as Google Drive or Dropbox allow users to store personal documents, photos, music, videos and more all in one place. These programs sync with your computer, phone and other devices and automatically update to reflect any changes. They typically have full sharing functionality such as folder sync, media streaming, free storage, and user messaging and collaboration. However, these programs offer little to no security for sensitive documents and are geared towards personal use... not for businesses.

Virtual data rooms are ideal for a variety of projects that require high levels of security, project collaboration for teams or where multiple suppliers need access to the same information, and many other scenarios where special security features are required.

Purchase A Data Room


  • High security & AES encryption.
  • Automatic email notifications for new content and any group user activity.
  • Secure PDF document viewing
  • Audio & video file previewing
  • DICOM Medical Image Viewer
  • Control via folder group permissions who can view, print or download files.
  • Dynamic PDF watermarking - add a watermark to your existing PDF documents.
  • Download entire folders as a zip archive.
  • Full user audit trails - track all activity in the data room - export as CSV option.
  • Q&A system - private between the room administrator and each sub user.
  • Easy file upload procedure, including drag and drop.
  • Upload entire folders in one go, while keeping all sub directory structures intact.
  • Reports - most accessed files, latest accessed files, most viewed files, most downloaded files, most active users. Export as CSV option.
  • Easy backup / archive process of your entire Data Room.
  • Mobile applications for IPhone & IPad

What's more, our Data Room service can also work on a monthly 'pay as you go' basis. When you no longer need your room, just close it down, no long term contracts.


It is possible for the administrator to disable access from the mobile applications on a per user basis.