Business Branded - Secure File Delivery

The business branded service allows you to place your company logo/header on the file transfer pages and also inside the confirmation emails.
The pages are still hosted on a Data Send UK server which provides all the standard security features, like encrypted transfers and virus scanning on upload.

You can now send files securely, as large as 4GB to anyone with a valid email address. The standard business branded package includes 3 user accounts that must be within the same company. If you require more than 3 company user accounts. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Administration cPanel - this can be installed after more than 10 company user accounts are purchased. This allows an administrator to manage all the company users and also see all their company files currently on our servers in one place. Please contact us to arrange a demonstration of the cPanel.

Audit Records - The business branded service also provides you with an admin notification email that is sent every time a transfer is made using your account. This email can be sent to any administration email address and contains a full audit record of the transfer.

Client File Upload - Drop Box

The client file upload feature allows you to receive files directly from your clients very easily and also securely using SSL Encryption. No additional software is required to be installed. Your clients simply use their existing internet web browser software. The automated confirmation emails help you provide an immediate response to your clients which greatly improves the customer experience. You also save valuable man hours by not having to work within the limits of storing and managing files on your own server.

As standard the client file upload feature is set to send all client files to one of your 3 registered company accounts. This means that all files uploaded by your clients will appear in the inbox of this account. The notification email to download the file will also be sent to this accounts email address.  A popular choice is to set up an email address something like or and have that as one of your 3 user accounts.

Multiple Destinations:-
It is also possible to have this feature customised at no extra cost to include a drop down box on the client file upload page. This would then contain a choice of multiple destinations/departments that the user can select to send the files to. These destination email addresses must be registered user accounts.
You can purchase more user accounts to work with this feature as required.

Individual user account client file upload drop boxes - on unique web URLs
If you should require it, we can set up any of your user accounts to have their own unique web page/URL to use as a drop box for client files.

Setting up the branded service

Once we have received and processed your payment an account will be set up under the user email address you have chosen (i.e.
You can log in and use the standard Data Send UK service at any time once your account is active.

The next step is to send us your company logo/image file for the header section in any standard graphic format to we will then place this file inside the branded pages. You may use a different image file (usually smaller) for the confirmation emails if you wish or no image at all. The text for the confirmation emails can also be adjusted upon request.

The header graphic file should not exceed the following dimensions

Width   650 pixels
Height  100 pixels

Please specify the header background colour you require.

You will then receive some links to your branded pages in the form of:-
Log in example to link send files using the branded service.
Client file upload login example link.

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