Send files - 1 user account

Send files securely to anyone with a valid email address, using 256bit SSL encryption. Simple, easy to use interface, no staff training required.

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Send & receive files - 3 user accounts
Your company logo placed on the pages

Send files securely to anyone with a valid email address, also the ability to receive files from your clients, using 256bit SSL encryption.

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Data Rooms

Share & Collaborate - secure document
storage designed to meet due dilligence

We provide a document repository where various parties have secure access to sensitive documents -
anytime, anywhere.

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Benefits of Data Send UK

UK based

No long-term contracts


transfer files
up to 4Gb in size


access to files

256 bit
data encryption

Easy upgrade of
service options


Transfer Speeds

Download speeds

There are no bandwidth/speed restrictions in place with the Data Send UK service. This means the system will upload and download files as fast as your internet connection will allow. You will notice from the chart above that the download speeds are very fast and in most cases will be even faster than indicated above. Broadband internet connections have much slower uploads than the download, if you have a 4mb download for example, the upload speed will usually average between 250-480kb/s. Both upload and download speeds are affected by how busy your providers lines are at certain times of the day or night.



1: To avoid any disruption in your service, Recurring Payments can be set up so your credit card or PayPal account is billed automatically when your account period is due for renewal. You have the option in the form of a drop down box during a purchase to select whether you would like this to be set up or not.

You can remove the recurring payment feature at anytime by request in an email to which should also include your account details.
There are no fees involved in setting this service up or in removing the feature. (Removing this feature is not the same as canceling your account - see below)


If you have chosen not to have your account renewed automatically, then when your service period is due for renewal, you will receive an email reminder which will include:-


1: A web link to our account renewals page, so you can either renew your existing account or purchase a new account option.


FUA (fair usage agreement applies)

Refund / Cancellation Procedure

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