Why Data Send UK?

For years, to send large files has been difficult due to email, ISP and FTP restrictions. Data Send provide an easy way to get large files where you need them...when you need them.

Often, a recipient's e-mail in box will not allow large file attachments, you may also not want to clog up their email box with larger attachments. Data Send store the file for you and provide a simple email with a link to download the file to the recipient.

GDPR Compliance

Our standard file sending service options will allow you to be complaint when sending/receiving personally indentifying information and sensitive data. As a company we are ISO27001 certified and GDPR compliant.


All files are stored on secure, private, dedicated, servers with transfers using SSL encryption. The files are automatically deleted from our servers after 7 days. This provides a much higher level of security than standard email for transferring files and in most cases FTP.

*Spam Free

The Data Send UK service offers you a more convenient way to send files of any size, both safe and securely. With our "Plus & Branded" packages you can log in to your Data Send UK account and view the files you have recently sent. Your own file in box will show the files you have received from other Data Send UK account holders. Due to the nature of the system, your file in box should always be *SPAM FREE, if we receive a report that a user is continually sending unwanted files (spamming) to other users, we will investigate the problem immediately and suspend the users account if necessary. Data Send UK provide a business to business service and we expect all our account holders to respect the privacy of others.

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Virus Scanning

At the core of the system is an extensive virus scanning utility which scans the files as they are being uploaded. Any suspicious files will be rejected by the system. The system automatically updates its virus database and checks the database for updates 12 times a day. You should still always have your own virus scanner installed on your computer.

The service is aimed at the non technical user who needs to be able to send large files over the internet both easily and securely. The main advantage over a FTP server configuration is that you don't have the worry of allowing people access to your own web server and the extra time involved in managing a FTP server with multiple users is also substantial. This will also appeal to the more technical user for saving valuable time and money.

The service is ideally suited for:

photographers, designers, print & repro graphic companies, architects, audio visual companies, social enterprises, accountants, solicitors, manufacturing companies, multi media companies,........etc........etc....

There are many useful ways to use the Data Send UK service in today's digital world.

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