Secure File Transfer/Delivery Service

Q: Why would I want to use this service?
A: If you have ever tried to send large files like hi-res images, audio or video using normal email and then realised that you can't, this service provides the solution to that problem.

The Data Send UK service is not just about sending large files, it also provides a safe and secure way to send any file. Our secure file transfer system helps all UK businesses meet their compliance obligations with regards to the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR). Your file in box provides a place to collect files you have received from other Data Send UK users. You can collect your files free from the problem of spam and junk email.

Q: What is the minimum service period?
A: The minimum service period is 1 month.

Q: Can you enable MFA (multi-factor-authentication) on a user account?
A: Yes, once logged in to the service the user has a choice of 2FA (using a secure personal pin) or also enabling MFA where they can receive a unique OTP code, to enter during the login process.

Q: Is it possible to restrict access to our users of the service, by their IP location only?
A: Yes, this option is only available with the 'Business Branded Account' service option.

Q: Does my email address appear in the from field of the notification email?
A: To avoid any emails being rejected by spam filters using reverse DNS checking, the ‘from’ email address in the notification emails will be in the form of: files@datasenduk-srv.co.uk

However in the notification email it will still have your email address informing the recipient that you sent the files.

Q: What do the notification emails look like?
A: They are simple html emails with a link to download the file.

Q: Can I send a file to more than one recipient?
A: Yes, you enter each email address individually and press the space bar to add it to the recipient list.

Q: Can I send multiple files at once?
A: Yes, we encourage our users to place their files inside a compressed folder first (.zip or. Sit .tgz are accepted) and then upload this one file. It is easier for the recipient to download just the one file which contains everything. However you can upload up to 8 individual files at once with our system.

Q: Can I track the files I have sent and what information do I have?
A: Yes, all the files that you send are logged in your own “outbox” area. These records are displayed for 7 days then permanently deleted along with the actual files on the server.

Q: I have lost my notification email with the download link, what can i do?
A: No problem, you can login to your account, and then go to your file tracking area and download the file from there. If you don't have a Data Send account you will need to contact the sender and ask them to send it to you again.

Q: Error - Link expired too many downloads - when i try to download the file?
A: This means that the file has already been downloaded a number of times and has reached the maximum download limit.

Q: I have tried to download a file and I get an error: file not found message?
A: This means the file is no longer on the network. The file has expired past the 7 day holding period and has been automatically deleted. All files are permanently deleted and this cannot be undone.

Q: How long does it take to upload the files to the server?
A: Your internet connection affects the upload and download speeds. Broadband internet connections have much slower upload speeds than the download. There are no restrictions on upload/download speeds.

Q: What about viruses?
A: All files including the contents of compressed folders are extensively scanned for viruses on upload. If a virus is found the upload is blocked by the system.

Q: How secure is the service?
A: Our private and dedicated servers are located in purpose built, state of the art data centres in the UK only. These facilities have extensive physical and environmental security measures in place as standard. All files are transferred over a secure SSL/TLS 1.2 encrypted connection and stored in an encrypted format while at rest. They can only be downloaded using the generated links provided. You can also password protect the download links. which is required when sending data that might fall under the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR).

Q: My file records have disappeared from the file tracking area?
A: When the auto delete process occurs, the records for the corresponding files are also deleted. You should use the export function to save a copy of the current records to your computer before the auto delete occurs.

Q: What do you do with the email addresses I send files to?
A: Nothing! The address is stored for 7 days for the file tracking feature only, then all records and files are permanently deleted from our servers. We do not rent, sell or disclose this information to any third parties.

Q: Do you offer a free service?
A: No we do not offer a free service. The reason for this is that unlike most of our competitors, the Data Send UK service has never been sponsored by advertising in any way. This allows us to concentrate on providing a more exclusive service to our business account holders.

Q: It appears the recipient has not received the email notification, what can I do?
A: If the email notification is not being received by the recipient, there are some things to check. Have the recipient check their spam/junk folder. Sometimes, the notification e-mail will end up in the spam or junk folder. Have the recipient add the sending email address to their allowed senders list.

Q: My files are still on your servers. Can I retrieve the download link?
A: Yes, it is easy to do this and there is no need to upload the files again if they are still on our system. Login to your account tracking area and go to the "outbox" then click on the desired file name and you will be taken to the secure file download page in your browser for that file. Copy the entire link located in the browser address bar beginning with https://www.datasend...etc...... you can then paste this link into an email using any email program and send it to whoever you need to.

When files are uploaded you are presented with the file download link on completion. This link is also sent out in the confirmation emails. If you no longer have access to this link then the method above provides a solution.

Q: I have been sent some files but the notification email has not arrived to download them?
A: Sometimes emails are delayed on route which is beyond our control. You can login to your account and go to your inbox and download the files by clicking on the filename. You don't need to use the link in the email if you have a Data Send account and all files are available instantly as soon as the upload is complete.

Q: Why is the account activation not instant after I have paid on-line or registered for a trial?
A: For security reasons it is important that we know who is a registered user of our service. If the account activation was fully automated it would mean that someone could purchase an account or even register for a trial and send data before we even had chance to check the details they have provided are legitimate. All orders and trial requests are reviewed first by a member of our administration team. In certain cases after receiving an order we may have to telephone the company back to speak to the individual who has placed the order so we can clarify some details with them.

We always aim to activate every account within an hour. The reason we say it may take up to 12 hours is only to cover ourselves for any worst case scenario.

We also state that if you do require an immediate activation please contact us on +44 (0)20 32395226 as we will do our best to help, as long as your payment has been authorised correctly.

Q: I have sent some files; do I have to upload them again to send the same files to someone else?
A: No, you do not have to upload the files again if they are still on our servers. You will automatically receive a confirmation email that contains the link to download the file(s) for your records, after you sent the files. (The recipient receives an email with the same link automatically as well)

You can copy the link from your email and paste it in an email using your normal email program and send it to anyone else, or you could just forward your confirmation email to someone else.

Alternatively, the download link is also shown on screen after the upload is complete, so you can copy and paste the link from here to send using your normal email program if required. (i.e. Outlook)

To check if the files you sent are still on our system, just login to the tracking area of the account you used to send the files with and go to the "outbox" You will see any files that are still available from here.

Q: Do you offer a UK data storage only option?
A: Yes, we only use UK data centres for our services.

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Please contact us directly with any questions, Tel +44 (0)20 3239 5226 to speak with an advisor or to arrange a free trial.

Thank You.