Data Room - Mobile Apps


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Android: click here to view in Google Play Store

The mobile applications for IOS & Android, provide existing Data Room users seamless and secure access to data room files. Access permissions are controlled by the data room administrator and these control what mobile users can see and what functions can be performed.

Users can:-

* Navigate through the data room
* Download & upload files
* Create zip archives of multiple files or folders
* View & print PDF documents

* DICOM Medical Image Viewer - (view X-ray format image files)
* Preview audio and video files (must be in the correct format)
* Full "Open In" support, allows you to open downloaded documents in other applications on the iPhone or iPad, this can also be done on Android devices.
* Question & Answer module allows secure direct communication between sub users and the data room administrator
* Transfer downloaded files from your device to your computer using a suitable device File Manager

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