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The details contained in this Privacy Policy also form part of our terms of service.

At Data Send UK, we strive to develop innovative services to better serve our clients. We recognise that privacy is an important issue, so we design and operate our services with the protection of your privacy in mind. This Privacy Policy outlines the types of personal information we gather when you use this web site, as well as some of the steps we take to safeguard it.

Direct Email Marketing - Data Send UK has a legitimate interest to process personal data relating to decision makers and budget holders in medium-to-large organisations in the UK for the sole purpose of marketing its business and services. In accordance with the GDPR Data Send UK has performed a legitimate interests assessment the details of which can be found here - legitimate-interests-assessment

This website & related services: -

Information Collected
The following principles apply to the personally identifying information we may ask for on this website, by email or by telephone, when making an enquiry or during an on-line purchase, that you then provide to us with your consent. "Personally identifying information" is information that individually identifies you, such as your name, physical address or email address.

The Use of Cookies

The Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations (PECR) sit alongside the Data Protection Act and the GDPR. They give people specific privacy rights in relation to electronic communications. When visiting our website or when using our services we only use strictly necessary cookies.
These types of cookies include:-
- a user login, session cookie, these are required to be able to use our service.

- on our main website, we also use a cookie to store the contents of your shopping cart for your convenience when placing an order on-line.

These cookies are only valid during the session and are not used for any other purpose. We may collect analytic data from time to time, to help us market our website and services, but we do not share this information for any other purpose, access to this information is strictly controlled within Data Send UK Ltd.

Information sharing
We do not rent, sell or distribute in any way, personally identifying information to other companies, individuals or any 3rd party. We only store customer/client personal information for internal business administration use. We restrict access to your personally identifying information to appointed Data Send UK staff only, who may need to know this information in order to operate, develop or improve our business administration and services.


Giving consent while using the website

By contacting us via our on-line forms or making an on-line purchase, you are asked for your contact details which include your name and address details. We have made the request prominent and separated it from our privacy policy and terms and conditions of service, on all forms and during the checkout process. You indicate your acceptance by checking the box where indicated and can only continue by doing so.


Giving consent while using the Data Send UK services.

When using any of our on-line services, you (the "Client User") give consent for Data Send UK to handle the data at the time of each file transfer or on when entering a Data Room. This consent applies not only to any personally identifying information you may be transferring or uploading but to all types of data. We have made the request prominent and separated it from our privacy policy and terms and conditions of service. You indicate your acceptance by checking the box where indicated or by clicking on accept. You can only continue with the service by doing so.

How we handle your data when using our services

Your data is encrypted during transit via Secure Socket Layer (SSL)/Transport Layer Security (TLS) and also while stored on our network using the AES encryption standard. Data Send UK and its partners operate under strict ISO27001 certified information security procedures. This means all access is strictly controlled and monitored by the data controller within our organisation, and is consistent with this international standard ISO27001:2017


Withdrawing consent

You can withdraw your consent very easily, simply contact us directly by:-
1: Email to
2: Telephone on +44 (0)20 3239 5226

We will remove any personally identifying information we may have. We will act on your instruction immediately and delete such information and also provide confirmation of doing so. You can also request the same personally identifying information be removed when cancelling any of our services. When you cancel your service any stored data files are also removed that are associated with your account. We communicate with you throughout to ensure a smooth process.

Secure On-line Payments
During checkout you are using a secure SSL encrypted connection, so you can enter your details and payment information securely. Each transaction is encrypted with SSL (Secure Socket Layer). We do not store any credit card details on our servers or networks. Payments are securely managed to the highest industry regulations by our payment gateway provider, Payflow/PayPal You can be confident that your credit or debit card details are as safe and secure as possible.


Data Room Mobile Applications IOS & Android
Access: - This is controlled and provided only by the client account administrator. A user can only access data they have been allocated permission to access by the client administrator.
2 Step Authentication: - This can be switched on by the user once logged in to the applications.
Access Agreement: - This information is displayed on first login of each user session and must be agreed to before the user can have any further access within the application.
Types Of User Account Data Accessed: - the mobile apps can display the users name, address, telephone & email, and this information can be edited within the application. A user can change their password and 2 step authentication information from within the mobile applications.
User Data Tracking: - When a user logs in via the mobile applications or via the web portal interface, the following tracking information is gathered and stored.
- A record of their login which includes their user email and data/time and IP address location.
- The following activity within the application is also tracked - a log record of any files uploaded, downloaded, deleted, and of any files that may have been previewed. All audit logs are stored securely for the duration of the client contract only.
Secure Data Handling: - When using the mobile applications your data is encrypted during transit via Secure Socket Layer (SSL)/Transport Layer Security (TLS) and also while stored on our network using the AES encryption standard.
Data Sharing: - Our service is designed to allow our clients to share business to business data between themselves, in-line with our terms of service agreements. Data Send UK does not share data with any 3rd party other than it's legal requirement to provide a law enforcement agency such access as may be required.
Data Retention & Deletion: - Data is stored only for the period of the active contract with the client. All data is securely removed at the end of the clients required contract period. All user account data is also removed including mobile access at this point.

Advertising Data: - Our applications do not contain any 'in app' advertisements or purchases and no data is collected or shared with any 3rd party for advertising purposes.


Terms of Service

File Delivery Terms of Service PDF - Download

Data Room Terms of Service PDF - Download


Policy Last updated: 13-02-2024