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  • PDF format: By using a pdf file type, you can enforce viewing/printing and downloading restrictions, thus granting top security conditions to your data room.
  • Upload: All common file types can be uploaded to your data room.
  • Upload complete folders: Our system can upload entire folders keeping all sub folders intact. This makes it very easy to create your data room or multiple rooms from scratch. The latest version of JAVA must be installed on the users computer to take advantage of this feature.
  • Preview audio & video files: Sharing media files becomes quick and easy. Preview files from within your data room, no need to download. Media formats:- 3 video file types (MP4, WebM, FLV), 3 audio file types (AAC, MP3, Vorbis)
  • Archives: Storing archives and compressed files couldn't be easier. Our platform is setup to accept .zip files and also create zip archives of files/folders in your data room. You can easily make a complete backup of any folder in your data room or even the entire data room.
  • Search: Users can easily find a file or folder in your data room using the built in search functions.
  • Watermark: PDF documents can be watermarked dynamically from within the data room.
  • Folder/Group access permissions: Decide who can access what folders and if they can view/print or download the files contained in them.

Direct, fast and easy access to folders from the folders tree menu, saves you and your users valuable time.


A private Q&A system is at your users disposal, they can get clarification on what matters to them from the room administrator.


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