Fair Usage Agreement

This "FUA" forms part of our "Terms of Service"

General use

Unlimited Sends what does this mean?

There are no restrictions on how many files you can send. However Data Send UK reserves the right to contact its users directly, if any are seen to be using excessive amounts of server bandwidth.

Data Send UK will not charge you any extra fees on the first instance, but will discuss your usage requirements with you in more detail for the continued use of the service.

Data Send UK reserves the right to suspend your account if the issue can not be resolved. The purpose of this FUA is to stop abuse of the system and to ensure that all our users experience the same level of service.

Breach of use

If in the unlikely event that your account has been suspended due to a breach of this FUA, that has not been resolved by communication between both parties, then any fees already paid to Data Send UK for its service will not be refunded.