Spam Free

The problem of spam emails is something that is effecting our day to day business communications and is likely to get even worse. The Data Send service can actually help reduce the stress caused by spam emails by providing an alternative means of sending file attachments and messages.

Scenario 1

For example, if your business clients and work colleagues all had their own Data Send account, they could login to the file tracking area using their web browser and go to their inbox. Here they will see any files they have received instantly, as soon as the transfer is complete. This could be something as small as a word document that contains a message. The description box on the send file form also provides a place to enter a message. You can download files directly from the inbox so you don't need to click on a link in an email. The confirmation emails are still sent out for notification purposes, but in this case scenario they could be ignored.

Scenario 2
Your company has multiple divisions or branches in the UK and Europe. A member of staff is logged in at Paris and another logged in here in the UK. A file attachment that would go via normal email is sent from Paris to the UK using the Data Send service instead. It is received instantly, does not get caught up in any spam or is delayed by email servers. It has also been transferred securely in the process.

Customer Service

Because you must have a registered account with us in order to send files, your Data Send file inbox will be spam free. If we receive a report that another registered user is sending unwanted files, we can investigate the problem and suspend their account if necessary.

The Business Plus service is only £7.50pm with no long term contract. How much time a month due you spend because of spam and attachments not getting through?

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